Disconnetion of water service

  1. The policy of the company aims at ensuring continuous service to our customers, and for this reason, we use all available means to give the customer the opportunity to pay for services. The company therefore discourages disconnection.
  2. But where a customer account has been confirmed as being in default, has arrears unpaid after due date of payment, and has not made arrangements to clear the arrears, the company will disconnect the service as the last resort
  3. Customers who are in arrears will be given 14 days’ notice of disconnection. The notice will be on the monthly bill.
  4. A customer who needs to confirm his/her bill will be allowed to have access to his/her statement of account at all times during office hours.
  5. Disconnections will be made from 7 th day of every month
  6. If a customer provides proof of payment, such as a receipt, at the time of disconnection, the customer will be reconnected immediately without charge.
  7. The first disconnection will be effected through a rubber seal.
  8. Where a disconnected customer fails to pay within one month, a disconnection from the main will be effected.

Reconnection of water service will be done:

  1. after a customer has paid the required connection fee, as specified in the company tariff, and
  2. made full payment of amount due, or
  3. when a customer has made part payment and signed an agreement to pay the balance by specified instalment.

After making the required payments, or part payment and commitment to pay by instalments, reconnection of water will be made within 24 hours.