Customer account.

After water or sewer application form is approved by the company, the water is then connected to the premises after which, unique account number is assign to the customer i.e. 30xxxxx.

Customer will be identified by his/her account number; in case of any problem i.e. over billing customer can lodge complain referring to water account number for easy correction.

The possession of an account number facilitates for the following:

Pay bill

Pay all your water bills using account number as an identifier e.g. using M-Pesa  Pay Bill 887800 when asked account number enter correct water account number given i.e. 30xxxxx.

Sewer Application

A customer can apply for sewer chargers through his or her water account. Remember to attached photocopies of title deed, ID and Kra PIN all belonging to landlord. This is to facilitate for billing of both sewer and water charges.

Change of Residence

Upon changing residence/line a customer has to apply for a new line and the old/existing line is closed. With a non-refundable fee of kshs 2000.

Change of meter

A meter can only be changed after it is found to be faulty or damaged. Testing and verification is only done by the company.

Closure of account/Termination of Service

Water account can be closed upon clearance of outstanding bills. A customer can apply for closure of his/her account through the customer care help desk at Head Office, sultan hamud.