The Roles and Responsibilities of a Customer

The customer’s roles and responsibilities are to:

Acquire rights to water supply service:

Avail all information requested by NOLWASCO for execution of service.

Apply for water supply services to be provided, where available, by filling customer application

Enter into contract with the company for water supply services by signing the agreement forms.

Pay the required deposit and connection fees.

Promptly pay for the services rendered as stipulated by the monthly bill.

Demand for quality services after meeting obligation in 14.1 to 14.5 above 14.7 Treat NOLWASCO staff with courtesy

Use water appropriately and report inappropriate use

Ensure safe, legal and economical usage of water (avoid wastage).

Report all water related malpractices e.g. illegal connections, illegal reconnections, water misuse [irrigation], vandalism, meter theft and meter bypasses, among others, and avoid engaging in such activities individually Protect meters, pipes and fittings and report leakages and bursts

Facilitate access to meters for proper readings, maintenance and inspection of the supply line. Avoid construction of permanent structures on water service lines.

Provide custody of meters, all pipes and fittings within their premises.

Report leaks and bursts to the Company as soon as they notice them

Report meter stop/defective meters to the Company as soon as they notice

Register complaints and report all forms of misconduct

Register complaints at the customer care desk within valid time period i.e. 3 months

Report any misconduct of the employees of the company.

Report all forms of corruption, collusion, compromises that defraud the company

Report to the company all matters that they consider may have negative impact on service provision and especially any illegal practices observed in their area. NOLWASCO shall treat the reports with utmost confidence.