About Nolturesh

Our Background

Established on 5th April 2007 under the Companies Act (CAP 486) of the Laws of Kenya, NolTuresh Loitokitok Water and Sanitation Company Limited, is one of the water service providers contracted by Tanathi Water Services Board to provide water and sanitation services in parts of Kajiado, Makueni and Machakos counties. The areas served include the 155-Km long 550mmØ main Nol-Turesh pipeline corridor between source works in Loitokitok District and Konza in Machakos County; the 50-Km long 200mmØ Mashuru pipeline corridor, Mashuru town and environs; Loitokitok town and its environs; Kimana town and its environs; Kasikeu town and its environs; Mulala town and its environs; Emali town and its environs; Sultan Hamud town and environs; Salama, Ulu and Kalanzoni. The company also supplies bulk water to Machakos, Kajiado and Mavoko EPZA [Athi River]

With its headquarters at Sultan Hamud town, the company has local area offices to serve customers at Loitokitok, Kimana, Emali, Sultan Hamud, Mashuuru, Kalanzoni, Kasikeu and Mulala.
The company has a Board of Directors that represents the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the County Governments of Kajiado, Makueni and Machakos, business enterprises and the community. The Board makes policy and oversees the overall performance of the company. The management and staff of the company run the operations on a day to day basis. Through the company’s customer service centres at the head office and in area offices, the staff serve 2 customers and respond to their queries. The promises of this charter will be satisfied by the staff and management working with customers and other stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide improved access and equitable distribution of available quality water to our customers and affiliated water service providers within our area of jurisdiction through efficiently managed water pipeline network whilst meeting our stakeholder needs

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see our retail and bulk water customers receive quality water and sanitation services that reliably meet their domestic requirements.


Guiding Principles and Values


In carrying out our work, we are guided by principles and values to which all our employees commit to respect and practice. These include:

  • Action-orientation. We take on challenges, and deal with them as efficiently as possible
  • Efficiency. We use established standards to deliver services at the least cost possible
  • People first. Our consumers, employees and other stakeholders are respected and served effectively
  • Quality: We reliably provide water and sanitation services that meet our stakeholder needs
  • Teamwork. We work as team and in partnership with other stakeholders to deliver services that meet customer expectations
  • Professionalism: We demonstrate commitment, integrity, accountability, positive attitude to work, courtesy, friendliness and effectiveness in all the work we do.


Strategic Objectives


Over the next five years, we will strive to:

  • Attain improved technical and operational efficiency
  • Achieve financial and operational sustainability
  • Extend coverage of water and sanitation services to underserved and unserved areas
  • Strengthen our institutional capacity to be able to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively


Our Mandate


The mandate and objectives of NOLWASCO are enshrined in the Memorandum and Articles of Association and the Service Provision Agreement (SPA) signed with Tanathi Water Services Board.

The principal object of the company is to carry out the business of water supply services within the area under its jurisdiction.

The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company states the key objects of the company including:

Carrying on business of water supply services in both retail and bulk to:
• Individual customers along the pipeline corridor
• Community water projects.
• Affiliated Water Service Providers (WSP’s) i.e. Machakos Water & Sewerage Company Limited, Mavoko EPZA Water & Sewerage Company Limited, and Kajiado Water & Sewerage Company Limited.

Providing water to some needy communities along pipeline as part of corporate social responsibility

Managing the assets leased to the company by Tanathi Water Services Board.

Exercising overall control of the sources and supply of water and, in particular, conserve, redistribute and augment those water resources, including all things necessary or convenient for obtaining, storing, selling, delivering, measuring and distributing water for the purposes of the company.


Customer Manadate

All our customers are expected to;


  • Pay your bill promptly.
  • Facilitate access to meters for proper readings, maintenances and inspection of supply line.
  • Report any leakage/burst of water, sewer blockages and vandalism of company facilities.
  • Avoid illegal usage of water and sewer facilities.
  • Customers shall maintain their sewer lines within their premises and any request to Nolwasco to undertake the maintenance shall be at their own cost.
  • Provide all up to date personal information or otherwise request by the company.
  • Treat company staff with courtesy.
  • Maintain water facilities after the meter point to avoid loss of water and practice rational use of water.
  • Not to compromise Company staff.
  • Ensure the meter is well secured.
  • Formalize change of residence and termination of contract.